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I don’t usually put a lot of recipes on here, but I have recently learned how to make a super easy breakfast “cereal” that is totally compliant with the Advanced Cellular Healing Diet (along with a lot of other diets), and it’s super yummy.  Since figuring out what to eat on this diet can be really tricky, especially for breakfast, I thought I’d share.  Maybe someone else will find it helpful.

Almond Coconut Cereal:


Almonds (about 1-2 handfuls, per serving)

Coconut Milk

Coconut Flakes (be sure to get unsweetened, the finer it is ground the better in my opinion)  (Optional)

Other Flavors as desired (Optional)

Stevia or Xylitol (optional)


Put the almonds into a food processor with the metal S blade and run it until they are ground but still a little chunky.  They should be a bit chunkier than almond meal. (for best nutritional value, you should use almonds that have been soaked and then dried, I usually forget to do my almonds though, so I often just use regular ones)

Add a handful of coconut, if desired.  This is optional, sometimes I do it with the coconut, sometimes with out.  I recommend putting the coconut in if you are not using any other flavorings.  Turn the food processor back on just long enough to mix it all together well.

In a separate container, mix your coconut milk together (it seperates as it sits in the can).

Pour almond mixture into a bowl, spoon on coconut milk and mix together (do not use the entire can, it will be WAY too much, unless you are making this for an entire family.  Usually about 1/4 of a can is about right.  Stir until it all blends together.  It will look really pasty and a bit yucky honestly.  If it is a really thick paste, add another spoonful of coconut milk.

Heat.  I use the microwave, although it would probably be healthier done on the stove.  I microwave for 1 minute.  This will melt the coconut milk and make it look much more like cereal in milk.  You’ll want to have the milk above the level of the “cereal” or it will get really dry as you eat it.  Add any vanilla or other natural extracts that you would like.  If you aren’t strictly on the advanced diet, you can add in dried fruit too.  If needed, sweeten with a bit of stevia or Xylitol.  I like mine kind of sweet, but it only takes a TINY bit of stevia.

I’ve tried adding carob chips, but found they didn’t affect the flavor much.  One of these days I’m going to try cocoa powder and see if that makes it chocolatey 🙂






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I just got a couple of books i ordered off of amazon. I’m especially excited because I got to use the gift certificates I’ve been saving up from Swagbucks, and even have lots left.

Anyways, the books “Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day” and “Make Your Place; Affordable, Sustainable, Nesting Skills”. Both books bring with them their own adventures!

I LOVE to bake homemade bread. I don’t think anything tastes better, and the wonderful smell in the house when it is baking is just heavenly. I’ve been trying to move our family away from processed breads to healthier breads. I’ve been making wheat bread with home ground wheat for a little over a year, but now I’m so excited to have some new healthy bread recipes! I’m going to try making a bunch of different recipes from here, and I’ll tell you all about it!

The second book is full of make it yourself recipes for cleaners, first aid products, etc. I’m hoping I can find some great, inexpensive cleaners that will work as wonderfully as our homemade laundry soap recipe does! I’ll post my adventures and findings on this one too as I go!

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I finally got done steam vac’ing my house! Yeah!!! It looks great. It’s taken me forever to get it done. My mom gave us the steam vac for my birthday last year, but because of my Chostochondritis flaring, I haven’t been able to do it.

The past month though I have been on a mission to get my house to stay clean. I started a new routine, and I’m so happy with how it is going. Because of the routine, I have focused on getting the carpets on just one floor of the house done at a time. This seemed like it would be a pain, but our steam vac is actually quite easy to set up, and that gives the rest of the house for the kids to play in so they don’t end up playing on wet floors.

So, here is my solution for keeping a house actually CLEAN with minimal effort. Every morning I:
– wipe down the shower in our bathroom, the counters and toilets in all of the bathrooms and clean the inside of the toilets in all of the bathrooms
– clean the surfaces in the kitchen
– put a load of laundry on (Erik puts our laundry away, and on the weekend does any laundry that doesn’t get done during the week… have I mentioned I have the best husband on the planet??)

These rooms don’t get dirty because they get cleaned everyday, so doing ALL of that takes less than 15 minutes, and our bathrooms like freshly cleaned all day everyday. I wish I could say the same for the kitchen, but it is such a high traffic spot that it tends to collect junk. Still, it is clean at the start of every day.

Once I am done the everyday stuff, I work for 30-45 minutes on one floor of the house, the same floor each day for a week, and then switch to another floor the next week (we have 4 floors in our house). This means that every room gets a very thorough cleaning once a month, yes I realize that is enough to make some people shudder, but we are not very good about getting dusting and stuff done, so this is FANTASTIC for us, and remember those places that get really icky are getting cleaned everyday.

That just leaves the floors that need mopped, which we can get away with doing once a week, so I make sure I hit those at some point during the week and I am set! My plan is to pick one big thing on each floor to do along with maintenance cleaning each month. This month I picked the carpet, so everything got steam vac’d. Next month I’m thinking scrubbing floors by hand and doing baseboards… but i haven’t decided for sure, I’d also really like to do closets and cupboards, so we’ll see. One more floor left this month. This is week 4, but we had some bigger than normal messes this month because it’s the first month so I had to spend 2 weeks on the family room level, but I’m okay with that, this system feels very forgiving to me. I hope I can maintain it!

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