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I just got a couple of books i ordered off of amazon. I’m especially excited because I got to use the gift certificates I’ve been saving up from Swagbucks, and even have lots left.

Anyways, the books “Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day” and “Make Your Place; Affordable, Sustainable, Nesting Skills”. Both books bring with them their own adventures!

I LOVE to bake homemade bread. I don’t think anything tastes better, and the wonderful smell in the house when it is baking is just heavenly. I’ve been trying to move our family away from processed breads to healthier breads. I’ve been making wheat bread with home ground wheat for a little over a year, but now I’m so excited to have some new healthy bread recipes! I’m going to try making a bunch of different recipes from here, and I’ll tell you all about it!

The second book is full of make it yourself recipes for cleaners, first aid products, etc. I’m hoping I can find some great, inexpensive cleaners that will work as wonderfully as our homemade laundry soap recipe does! I’ll post my adventures and findings on this one too as I go!


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