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It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated, but I just got some information I wanted to get down.   I ended up at the doctor yesterday because of the profuse bleeding I experienced from the miscarriage (way above what it should have been).  They ran some blood tests and I found out that my thyroid level is showing as normal!!  It’s on the high range of normal, but it’s normal!!! This is without any thyroid meds in my system at all.  It looks like the things Dr. Mellor has been doing are really paying off.  They want me to test again in 3 mos to make sure it is not too high, since it’s borderline now, but I feel way better than I did on the medicine,  and I’m certain that in 3 mos it will be even better than it is now.

I also found out my  glucose was a bit high, but at this point I’m not worried about that at all because I had just eaten (and eaten food not on my diet no less), I have been off my diet quite a few times the last couple of weeks with all of the birthdays, and they said it was in a level they would consider not surprising for someone with insulin resistance.  My guess though is that if they test me again in a couple of weeks it’d be normal.


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We had another HOPE class this weekend. Our last one of last year’s classes. I’m hoping Tracy will decide to do more, but there’s been no mention of it.

This class was on whole foods and nutrition. It was quite interesting, and I left feeling much more motivated to get my family eating healthier. I was starting to give up, sometimes the battle just doesn’t seem worth it. I’ve decided to try again, but this time go slow. Erik and I talked and step 1 for us is going to be getting rid of corn syrup. This is a tough one in that it’s in everything, but it’s also one that I really think we need to do and need to do soon. Erik is having more and more issues that are looking like pre-diabetes, and I’m very concerned about his health. Nick seems to be having reactions to some type of food, and I suspect that corn syrup is part of it. The bonus of choosing corn syrup is that when you eliminate it, many of the other things, like food coloring, that i’d like us to eliminate will be substantially decreased by default.

The plan is to just completely stop buying anything with corn syrup in it. They can eat what’s in the house (I haven’t been eating anything with corn syrup for a long time), but no new foods will come in with it.

I’m also making another change for me, along with trying to add in daily walks, I am also increasing my water intake. Tracy gave us the guideline of 1 quart for every 50lbs. I made it most of the way yesterday, not doing as well today, but I’m going to try to be as close to that every day as I can. I weigh a lot, so that’s a heck of a lot of water, more than a gallon!! But I think I can get pretty close.

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At least I think it did… This is probably totally odd to post about in a blog, but it’s my blog and its exciting, so I’m going to post it anyways 🙂 

I am almost totally certain that I ovulated this month!  This doesn’t mean that I’ll get pregnant, but it means there’s a good chance, about 1 in 3 that I could. 

So keep me in your prayers, because after 6 years of not ovulating and struggling with fertility, we’re sooo ready to be pregnant!

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Lately I can feel God more than ever directing my path, pointing me to where I need to go, showing me the book I need to read, the person to talk to, the friend to do a little something for, giving me wisdom, strength, and love.  I’m so thankful for Him, he heals my heart and body more each day, sometimes the speed of it all is almost overwhelming, if I stop to think of it too long, yet I know it is just right, and just what I need.

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It’s been 3 mos since I started the diet, and about 4 or 4 1/2 since I started seeing Dr. Mellor.  I think I may have said that before, but I miscalculated then.  Here is the current update (based of original stats):

Thyroid medicine: cut in 1/2 and that dose seems to be a bit high, today I tried 1/4 and it seemed to work well, so I’m going to be trying that for a couple of days and see how it goes.

Weight: Lost 30 lbs, I now weight less than I did after Nick was born (I lost tons of weight when I was pregnant)

Hormones, definitely stabilizing, back to a regular cycle this month now that they thyroid meds have been adjusted.  Let’s hope I start ovulating soon (like this month would be good).

Energy – 100 million times better, in part no doubt from the weight loss, but even before I started losing weight I was losing!

Measurements:  Haven’t measured yet this month, will update on total inches soon.

Sizes: My clothes are starting to get baggy. but I doubt I’ve moved down to the next size yet, will probably need to soon though (yeah!!)

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I finally decided to weigh myself, the first time since I started my quest for wellness.  In 3 months, I have lost 24 lbs!!  Woo Hoo!  That may not seem like a lot for 3 months to some people, but for me it is huge because I am normally not able to lose weight at all.  I haven’t even been doing a good job at exercising, something I hope to fix this upcoming week.  So, 24 lbs adds up to about 8 lbs a month, or 2 lbs a week.  My goal has been to lose at least 1 lb per week, so I am off to a fabulous start.  Unfortunately, it’s not enough weight loss to really physically show, but I am confident that if I can continue the way I am that it won’t be too long before it’s visible.  If I can maintain this rate, by the end of the year I’ll be almost 100 lbs lighter than I was going into the year.  My goal is still to lose 1 lb per week, as that would give me at least a 52 lb weight loss for the year, more considering I’m halfway there already.  It would be so exciting to see family at Christmas time and weigh so much less!

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I haven’t posted for a while, so I thought I’d do an update on where I’m at.  Weeks 5 & 6 were Christmas were somewhat of a bust.  I kept taking my medicine, but since we were visiting a lot and celebrating Christmas and what not, the exercising fell to the wayside.  I picked it back up in week 7, along with starting the Cellular Healing Diet.  Fortunately, despite eating like junk for those two weeks and gaining a little weight from all of it, I did not have too many other issues.

Week 7 –  I resumed exercising on the 9th, but have not been doing nearly as well about doing it daily.  I’ve been getting at least every other day though.  I need to get back on track and do the 14 day bootcamp again, and then I can go to every other day permanently. 

I began the Advanced Cellular Healing Diet by Dan Pompa.  The diet is no grains, no sugar (or sweetners other than Xylitol and Stevia), and no chemicals, preservatives, etc.  It has lots of healthy fats, but meats have to be grass fed.   For the most part it hasn’t been too hard, except for the breakfasts that first week.  I couldn’t stock up on everything at once, and figuring out what to do besides eggs was tricky, so I ate a ton of eggs.  I finally picked up some yogurt at the end of the week and it was a huge treat 🙂  This week breakfasts have gone much better.  I have coconut milk now, so I can do breakfast shakes.  So with eggs in various forms, the breakfast shakes, and the yogurt, I’m started to feel more settled into it all.   Overall this week has gone much much better, I am having some issues with getting grass fed beef as the store that carries it has been out most of the week.  They are expecting it in today or tomorrow though, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.  We’re getting a bit sick of chicken, and I haven’t figured out any meatless dishes I can do on this diet, as all of our standards involve potatoes or pasta.

Week 7 at the doctor’s I had another NRT, and started some new supplements.  This time we are focusing on lungs (boy do they ever need it), and the immune system.  Currently we are working on lungs and getting rid of yeasts and fungi (that don’t belong obviously, the good ones we just want to be in appropriate balance).

Week 8 he checked me quick again.  I didn’t know before, but there is an overall wellness number that he assigns.  My first week I was 1 to 2 out of 10, which doesn’t mean I’m about to die or anything, but means I have a lot of work to go.  Week 7 I was at 5, week 8 I was at 7!  Woo Hoo!  The main difference there has got to be the new diet (plus getting rid of the Christmas junk).   I also don’t need to go back for 3 weeks!  Yeah!! That’ll certainly help the budget.

Overall results:  I am feeling full of energy and really great.  I actually started my cycle 2 months in a row!  Facial hair is significantly reduced, which is major as that is the best measure for me of where my hormones are (PCOS causes extra testosterone in a woman’s body).  I’m breathing better, I can take really deep breaths without feeling like my lungs aren’t inflating all of the way or are full of junk (they never fully recovered from pneumonia last January). 

Upcoming Goals : Continuing Cellular Healing Diet, Attending a class that Dr. Mellor is offering about the Cellular Healing Diet and Emotional Toxicity tonight (it’s his monthly class), Ttapp xercising daily from today through Feb. 2, and then going to every other day as recommended by the program.  Continuing supplements.  If this cycle is normal, I’ll be checking this month to see if I’m ovulating (wish me luck!) .

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