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An Amish Love – Book Review

The wonderful people at Book Sneeze have provided me with another fantastic book to review. 

This is another of the Amish love story books, and like the last one I reviewed, it is a series of three novellas, written by three different authors.  Although it contains three totally seperate stories, they all interweave, so you get a wonderful chance to visit back with the characters you fall in love with in the first story.

A Marriage of the Heart by Kelly Long:

The first story is the story of a young couple.  He is returning to the community, she would like nothing more than to leave it.  I won’t give away how, but this couple ends up married, and has to figure out how to relate to one another.  The story is about their struggle to learn to live together as husband and wife. 

I love that you see this story through both of their eyes, and have the opportunity to understand each one’s individual fears and hopes for the marriage and for their lives.  At times I found myself hoping for her, at times for him, and often for both of them to find one another.

What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller

The story of a young blind woman who lost her site, and the return of a young man who had previously fled from the community.  She fears no one will ever love her again because of her lost site.  He is wrapped up in anger over a love he can not let go of.    What happens when they start having feelings for one another?

This story was highly emotionally charged, and packed a lot of story into it.  I loved the way the author unwound the relationship between the two, as they struggled to figure out who they are and what their future will look like. 

Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman

This is a real twist from your typical Amish love story, as it is not about a young couple.  Instead, this is the story of a married couple tried to rediscover one another.  He left a year ago, and now has returned, full of guilt for having left, and unsure of the marriage he is returning to.  She must deal with her feelings of abandonment and her anger towards him.  Can they renew their marriage, or will it come crashing down around them?

This was my favorite of the 3 stories.  Naaman and Levina Lapp are characters you can’t help but love.  Watching them struggle to figure out their marriage and who they are as individuals is moving, and sweeps the reader along with them.

All in all, An Amish Love did not disappoint.  Beautiful stories, that are wonderful quick-reads.


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An Amish Christmas

An Amish Christmas: A Choice to Forgive/A Miracle for Miriam/One Child is a compilation of 3 romance stories centering around a single Christmas in an Amish community.   Because they all involve the same community, the 3 stories reference many of the same characters.

A Miracle for Miriam is a beautiful story of a young woman named Miriam.  As a young teen, Miriam had her heart broken by the boy who she had held a long standing crush for.  When he suddenlly appears years later, she must decide what her relationship with him is to become.    Although this is a theme that is seen in many stories, the author does a superb job of handling it.  The emotions of both Miriam and Seth run strong throughout the story, as Miriam deals with years of self-doubt and Seth comes to grips with his past decisions.  The reader can not help but be pulled in to the torrent of emotions on both sides.

 In A Choice to Forgive Miriam’s widowed sister Lydia is also faced with a decision of whether to forgive a past love.  To add to her troubles though, the past love is her deceased husband’s brother!  The story primarily features the tugs and pulls of Lydia’s heart as she strives to make sense of her relationships with her deceased husband, her brother, and her children.

The third story, One Child, has a very different theme from the other two.  In this story, the couple we are following are married, and are facing the anniversary of a heart wrenching miscarriage.  Another couple unexpectedly comes into their lives on the night of First Christmas, a relationship that causes profound and no doubt lasting changes in the way both couples look at life.

When I first saw the book, the title piqued my curiosity.  Amish romance stories…. not really the first thing that would come to mind when one thinks of the Amish.  I adore a good love story though, and hate romance novels because they rarely about love, and generally much more about lust.  I hoped that this book would avoid that trapping, and it did not let me down.  The love stories were heartwarming, realistic, and beautiful, and left me truly caring about the characters in them.   

While that would certainly have been enough, there was more!  The faith of the men and women in these stories was inspiring.  I feel a better person for having “known” them. 

The journeys of the characters as they learn to better relate to one another, to forgive one another, come to peace with God, and love one another is touching and beautiful. 

A few other notes:

While I would generally avoid romance stories for teens, this is one I personally would not hesitate to share with a teenager.  It is a great example of couples working together, learning to communicate, and trusting God to direct their paths.

Disclaimer – I was provided a free copy of this book for review purposes.  The review is my personal opinion, and the free book did not alter my views on the story in any way.

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