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A New Venture

I wrote in my last post that I was looking at possibly starting a new blog.  I’ve decided to take the plunge and launch the new site.  It’ll probably be a few days at least before it is up, but I’ll make an announcement here as soon as I get it going.  It has all started to come together for me and I feel very strongly that this is what I need to be doing right now.  I’m not sure where the time to run another site is going to come from, but I feel strongly that God wants me doing this, so I’m sure he’ll show me how to manage it all.

The new site is going to be taking my experiences and the things I have learned from the trials I’ve been through in my life, and teaching those lessons to others.  I hope to eventually add a business aspect into it, but for now it will probably be just informational.   I hope that I can really bless some other people and help them on their journey, just as so many people have helped me.

Honestly, I’m excited, but also quite frightened at the prospect of putting everything out there on the net.  I truly believe that God can heal people through what I have experienced, but I also know some people will disagree, and probably quite vehemently with what I say.  That’s okay, I don’t expect people to agree with everything.  I’m just a little nervous about whether I can do it or not.

It’s fascinating though, I can see where this idea has been brewing for a few years.  A couple of years back I started another blog that did not live long because the scope was much too narrow, but it was very  much a prepping ground of sorts for the new blog.

I plan to still keep this blog and will write on it as I have the urge, much like I do now.  I still have much growth to do myself, and I’m sure that much of that will end up here, just like it currently does, for better or worse.


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Busy, Busy, and Busier

It has been so long since I have written here.  I have so much to write about, but this past month I have been extremely busy.  Too busy.  It has worn me out, worn me down, and is starting to wear on my body.

My business has been doing quite well, which is fantastic, but it has been taking so much work to keep everything running smoothly.  Unfortunately, despite the fact that it has been doing fantastic, I have found that it seems to be money sucking at the same time.   Earlier in the year we went through a very slow period, and it was a killer.  I wasn’t able to replenish supplies until they were very, very low.  So now that I’ve been busy I’ve had to get more of EVERYTHING.  I’m fully stocked now though, so that’s great.

The big news is that after listening to Sandi Krakowski, my marketing guru, and doing a lot of soul searching about the business, I have decided that if I want it to grow, I need help.  I can’t keep going at this rate.  I’m excited, I see a huge field for growth now, as more of my time becomes available.  For now I’m going to be outsourcing the baby food jar candles (just the wrapping part, I’ll continue to pour them).  I hope I can eventually get to where I can outsource more of our products that are made in house.

In the meantime, I hope that within a week or two I will have a bit more time to put towards family, advertising the business, and the other things I’d rather be doing.

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New Inspirations

I am so busy that I’m going to have to keep this post short.  I’m running in about 1000 directions today, but all of them are great.   I just wanted to tell you about a few of the important things I’ve had happening lately, and get down a few ideas too.

First off, I found this fabulous marketing course with Sandi Krakowski, and it has me excited, motivated, and ready to move my business to a whole new level.  I am 100% convinced that with the skills I am learning from her I can propel The Babbling Baby into a larger or more successful business.  It’s going to be work, but nothing beyond what I am capable.  By this time next year, I plan to have employees!

Second, I am looking at starting a new business helping small local businesses with their marketing.  Marketing local businesses is super easy, and it makes me sad to see so many small businesses not using the power of the web.  I’ve gotten 4 local businesses on the top page of google (daycares, pet setting, etc) within a couple of weeks, it’s just so easy.  I hope I can help some others who are struggling to make a living on their own terms get a solid presence.

Finally, I am going to try to get back to posting regularly.  I’m going to get back to Thankful Thursdays, and I’m also going to add in a day that I discuss what I learned this week, I haven’t decided which day, but I’ll let you know as soon as I decide.

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So much to do…

I think I need to split into about 3 or 4 people, or at the very least 2. There is just so much to do and it seems like I can never even make headway on it because as soon as I make headway in one area, then the others get worse. I know I need to trim back what I need to do, but I can’t figure out how, because none of the things I do are optional. What do I cut… the business? time with Nick? homeschooling? time with Erik? family time? housecleaning (yeah, that’s already been cut too short)? Just too many responsibilities for one person!

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Store blog

The store blog has been up and running for a little bit, check it out when you get a chance and if you have any ideas, let me know.


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