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I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams today, because I’ve been having a lot of bizarre dreams lately. 

Do you think dreams are important?  I think that some dreams are important.  I believe that dreams are one of the ways that our spirit, the Holy spirit, and others in the spirit world communicate with us, and I believe that these dreams can give us much knowledge and insight into our lives. 

I have been very fortunate to have been able to understand dreams, especially other people’s dreams, and have been able to help people figure out what their dreams mean.  Because of this, I have been asked on numerous occasions how I do that.   A lot of books will tell you that one thing symbolizes another, and that if you learn their rules for what symbolizes what, then you can figure out what your dreams mean.  Codswallop, I say!  It just isn’t the case.  Each of our minds works different, and what means love to me, might mean something very different to you. 

So how do you figure out what your dream means?   First off, pray for help understanding.  Second, think about the important moments / symbols in your dream, ask yourself what those things mean to you, what they make you think of?  Also consider what important events, stressors, etc have been taking place in your life or been on your mind lately.  Consider it all, and see what comes together out of it.  If you are still puzzled, talk to someone else that you trust.  Sometimes the process of talking it out can make it clearer, and sometimes another person can see things that we just can’t.

Of course, I’m always happy to help too.  I love listening to people’s dreams and helping them understand them.  I find dreams fascinating.


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