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I’ve been striving to work towards being more friendly.  I’m a good friend, but I’m not at all good at making friends.  I tend feel awkward around people I don’t know well, so getting from acquaintance to friend is difficult for me. 

I’ve been working towards changing this, which led me to read the book The Friendship Factor  by Alan Loy McGinnis.  In the book McGinnis goes through the steps of building friendships.  Some of them I’m really good at already, a few not so good at.  I’ve decided to focus on each of the steps though, and see how I can improve it.  Every Friday I’m going to bring an update to how I am doing.  I’m going to practice every step, some for one week, some for longer, depending on how much effort I think I need to put into that particular area. 

This week is step 1 : Love needs to be a top priority, assign top priority to your friends.    I’m pretty good at this one with friends, not always as good with immediate family.  So for the next week I am going to focus on making my family and friends top priority, especially my husband and son.  They are after all my top priority, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the day to day I wonder if it really seems that way to them.


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