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A quick update on the master recipe sandwich bread that I made at the end of the week last week.  I went today to make Erik a sandwich and the bread smelled as though it was fermenting!  So, this is not a recipe that lasts well.  This will not be our new recipe for sandwich bread, the recipe we usually make lasts more than a week, which is what our little family of 3 really needs!


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The Healthy Bread In 5 Minutes journey continues.  A few days ago I used some of what was left from the master recipe to make garlic parmesan knots.  Basically they are whole wheat bread bread dough made into a snake, tied into a knot,  dribbled with garlic and parsley  infused olive oil, and then baked.  They were delicious.  We had them for lunch with some marinara sauce to dip them in YUMMY! 

I put a tad too much oil on them, which made them even yummier, but also made them a bit on the greasy side,  so I’ll probably use a tad less.  When I “drizzled” it on it pooled around them so the bottoms weren’t far from deep fried LOL… so much for healthy!  At least it was olive oil.

I had the oil/garlic/parsley mix left afterwards, and discovered that mixed with a bit of vinegar and lightly salted it makes a WONDERFUL salad dressing! 

I think next time I’ll make the same recipe more roll style and make them into tomato and olive sandwiches for Nick (my son) and I.  Erik doesn’t like olives or tomatoes, so that wouldn’t be such a hit with him, but I’m sure we can come up with something yummy for him too, maybe a meatball sandwich?

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I made up the master recipe from the bread book a couple of days ago, and made the sandwich loaf yesterday. It was delicious, but not a great sandwich bread. The crust was too crunch and the bread a little dense for our tastes for sandwiches. It was wonderfully yummy with honey though! I can hardly wait to try the rest of the dough out with some other recipes and to try one of the other sandwich bread recipes.

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I’ve started the first batch of dough for my Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes book! The basic idea is that you make this dough and keep it in your fridge. It takes about 20 minutes to make the dough, but you can get about 4 loaves out of it, so if you do one a day it averages to 5 minutes each. Actually, I saw them completely make a loaf (minus rising and cooking time) in a 2 minute video, so there’s hope it could be even faster eventually.

I’m a bit nervous, because it seems excessively wet, but I’ll see tomorrow. You can still work with it if it’s too wet, it’s just a bit harder. The other thing is that whole wheat breads tend to take longer to really absorb the water, so that may be what is going on. Tomorrow I’m going to make sandwich bread with it, and then we’ll see what I decide to do with the rest, probably another day. Now I’m just hoping it doesn’t overflow the bowl!

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I just got a couple of books i ordered off of amazon. I’m especially excited because I got to use the gift certificates I’ve been saving up from Swagbucks, and even have lots left.

Anyways, the books “Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day” and “Make Your Place; Affordable, Sustainable, Nesting Skills”. Both books bring with them their own adventures!

I LOVE to bake homemade bread. I don’t think anything tastes better, and the wonderful smell in the house when it is baking is just heavenly. I’ve been trying to move our family away from processed breads to healthier breads. I’ve been making wheat bread with home ground wheat for a little over a year, but now I’m so excited to have some new healthy bread recipes! I’m going to try making a bunch of different recipes from here, and I’ll tell you all about it!

The second book is full of make it yourself recipes for cleaners, first aid products, etc. I’m hoping I can find some great, inexpensive cleaners that will work as wonderfully as our homemade laundry soap recipe does! I’ll post my adventures and findings on this one too as I go!

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