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Hi again!

Wow, I can’t believe it has been so very long since I posted. I never have been good at keeping up with journals, blogs, or anything else of the like. So much has happened since I last wrote.

Christmas was wonderful, time spend with family a treasure, and this year it was very hard for me to return without them.

Nick lost his first tooth on our way back from California after Christmas. January 3rd, 2010.

Gotta go, it’s 12:45 in the morning and Nick is awake, will continue this post tomorrow.


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Another Thanksgiving day is drawing to an end. It was a great day, other than an electrical issue we had with the house. In keeping with the season, here are a few of the things that I’m thankful for, there are way too many to list, but here are some that are high on my list this thanksgiving.

– I’m VERY thankful that whatever it was that caused our little electrical problem was not serious enough to set our house on fire, and that enough electricity kept working to keep the kitchen operational and to allow us to plug the freezer into an alternate power source. AND I’m thankful that the problem is FIXED without us having to lay a single cent out for an electrician.

– I’m thankful for the little boy that bounced around our house all day, full of excitement. Although I am always thankful for him, I was particularly struck today by how much he adds to our lives and how very grateful I am that he is here. It took so much to get this little boy here into this world and I am eternally grateful that he made it.

– I’m thankful for a wonderful husband. I can’t imagine what this life would be like without him. I’m so thankful that he is always willing to pitch in and do whatever needs to be done to keep our house and family going. Being a work at home, homeschooling, babysitting, stay-at-home mom is a tricky job and often it means things just don’t get done the way I’d like, but it seems like everytime I turn around, my wonderful husband has noticed and picked up the pieces, keeping me from losing my mine.

– I’m so thankful that my mom is still here with us. There have been so many times over the last few years that we could have lost her, and many, many more health scares. Nothing like almost losing someone to make you appreciate them. I can’t imagine life without her love and support, and I only wish we lived closer to be able to help her through the difficult days.

– I’m thankful that we are sooo much better off financially this year than we were this time last year. Finances are still a struggle sometimes, but every month is better than before.

– I’m thankful that my business is going better than ever, despite the poopy economy, and hope it will continue to grow in the new year.

– I’m thankful for new friendships started and hope to see the friendships started over the last couple of years continue to grow and hope some will grow into true, long lasting friendships.

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