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My beautiful new bracelet arrived ūüôā¬† It’s exactly what I was looking for.¬† If you haven’t heard or read the story of my bracelet,¬† about 2 weeks ago I started looking all over for a piece of jewelry to celebrate healing.¬† I searched and searched everywhere to find just the right thing¬† would represent everything I wanted it to represent, and here it is!!¬† I am so excited.

My Healing Bracelet

My Healing Bracelet

¬†Did I say how excited I am???¬†¬† (Sorry about the lousy photo).¬† Here’s what the bracelet stands for:

–¬† The bracelet itself is in commemoration of 20 years since I first talked about my experiences as a child and 15 years since what I like to refer to as “The Great Healing”… if you’ve never heard my healing story, ask me sometime, it’s pretty cool.

– Blue – the blue is the color¬†that represents¬†child abuse awareness (their ribbon color), it is to remind me of where I have been, and what I have overcome with God’s help.

– Pearl –¬† The symbol of purity, spiritual growth, and all things beautiful inside of us.¬†¬† A reminder not to keep the beautiful things locked inside where no one can see them.¬† A pearl is beautiful, but it can not be appreciated while it is hidden in the oyster.¬† It is also the symbol of Christ.

–¬† Silver – Silver symbolized the acceptance of struggle and growth through experience.¬† It reminds me that there is something good to be taken from every situation.

– The Strength Charm – reminds me that God has given me the strength to face anything and that I am a strong person.

РThe Courage Charm  reminds me that I had the courage to face head on what most people avoid facing. 

Together the strength and courage remind me that I not only have had strength and courage in the past, but that those remain within me for any problem I might encounter.

РThe Faith charm is to remind me that faith needs to be the center of everything.  Without faith I have none of the others, but with faith, I can do anything.

– The Ribbon dangly charm at the back (isn’t that cute!)¬† reminds me that through sharing the stories of our journeys with others, we share our strength, bring awareness, and help heal both ourselves and others.


Thank you to Melinda at http://www.mpdesignsjewelry.com/ for designing the perfect bracelet and making  a minor tweak to it for me!


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This kind of spurred from reading Tracy’s blog about scars also, but it really has very little to do with it, and is totally off the wall from the last post about scars, so I thought I’d make it seperate.

The definition of a scar is :

A mark left on the skin after a surface injury or wound has healed (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/scar)

Scars are powerful, they show where we have been injured, but they also show that we have healed.¬† I’ve often heard people who have been abused say that they almost wish they had a scar to show what they have been through.¬†¬† I have felt this way before at times in my life.¬† A scar is visible proof of an event in our life.¬† I have no desire for a physical scar to add to the list of scars I have earned over the years.¬† Yet I wonder if I had a scar, if it wouldn’t be easier to share my story, if I could point to a scar and say, this happened, but God healed me… that would be incredible.¬† Why is it okay to talk about physical injuries, by we are expected to hide emotional ones, it’s not like we don’t all have our emotional wounds to contend with?¬†

I am seriously thinking about calling ¬†my new¬†bracelet my scar.¬† It represents what I have been through, but more importantly it celebrates the fact that I have healed and become stronger because of my life’s experiences.¬† It represents healing, courage, strength, faith, and so much more.

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Today I am pondering what it is in people that makes them resilient. Why can some people pick up after major hurts and go on, while others are debilitated for life? What is the difference, and how can we instill those traits in our children?

I like to consider myself a fairly resilient person. I’ve been through a lot of stuff in my life and I still keep going and in the end try to use those things to make me stronger. I know faith plays a big part in this, but I also know that some of it seems to be personality, so is resiliency something I can teach my child, and if so, how do I do that?

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