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My heart is so overwhelmed with all of the blessings I’ve had lately that I just had to take a moment to share with you the incredible things that have been happening.

A couple of months ago, I found a wonderful marketing instructor names Sandi Krakowski .  I was excited because I could immediately see that she could teach me the keys I had been missing to get my business really prospering.  On top of that, she’s a Christian with beliefs quite similar to my own, AND she is a homeschooling momma!  I figured if anyone could understand how busy I feel and how to balance it all, it would be her.

Little did I know how much this woman was going to change my life.  In fact I probably still only have a peak at how much she’s going to affect it, but what has happened already is incredible.  I’ve been listening to her products for more than a month now, and they have not only increased my marketing ability (which I am still really working on), but she has given me the key I’ve been looking for the last few years.  She’s helped me to figure out what I need to be doing .

For a few years I’ve had an idea that I need to be doing something, helping someone, but I really had no idea what to do with that.  I’ve considered a number of options, but none of them really seemed right.  I’ve prayed, searched, tried to ignore it, tried to tell myself I was just being crazy and that there is no way I could ever fidn the time to do any of this in my crazy life.  I saw no way to make it happen in the real world.

Sandi frequently says that the pain of not doing what we are supposed to do often becomes greater than the pain of stepping out into it.  That is exactly what I’ve been dealing with for the last few years.  It has been downright emotionally painful.  I’ve tried to ignore it, but this feeling that I’m not using the gifts God gave me has been a constant and has about driven me bonkers.  It wasn’t for lack of wanting to, but for lack of vision about what to do.

Now I am filled with vision.  God has taken the spark he’s been putting in my spirit for the last few years, and has birthed a concept in my that I won’t let go of.  He has shown me how to make this work, where it can go, and how much I can help people.  He has given me visions and dreams, and set me on fire.  I’m a little frightened about how I will do this, but I’ve conquered bigger things and I know I can do it with His help.  I have visions of coaching people through their troubles, of public speaking (yipes!) to groups and helping them move past their issues.  I’m so fascinated to see what this will grow into and so grateful for the huge opportunity this feels like.

The website I’ve started www.adivinewalk.com is the first step towards that.  I see it becoming so much more than it is, but I will have the patience to take it one step at a time as God directs me.

Those of you who know me off of the internet may see a real change in me.  I feel so light, like a huge weight has been lifted from me.  I honestly feel like crying in relief for what this means.

I know this is the right path.  This path uses the gifts God has given  me, it makes me feel whole and complete.  I can hardly wait to move forward in it and see what He has planned beyond what He has shown me.


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Lately I can feel God more than ever directing my path, pointing me to where I need to go, showing me the book I need to read, the person to talk to, the friend to do a little something for, giving me wisdom, strength, and love.  I’m so thankful for Him, he heals my heart and body more each day, sometimes the speed of it all is almost overwhelming, if I stop to think of it too long, yet I know it is just right, and just what I need.

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This kind of spurred from reading Tracy’s blog about scars also, but it really has very little to do with it, and is totally off the wall from the last post about scars, so I thought I’d make it seperate.

The definition of a scar is :

A mark left on the skin after a surface injury or wound has healed (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/scar)

Scars are powerful, they show where we have been injured, but they also show that we have healed.  I’ve often heard people who have been abused say that they almost wish they had a scar to show what they have been through.   I have felt this way before at times in my life.  A scar is visible proof of an event in our life.  I have no desire for a physical scar to add to the list of scars I have earned over the years.  Yet I wonder if I had a scar, if it wouldn’t be easier to share my story, if I could point to a scar and say, this happened, but God healed me… that would be incredible.  Why is it okay to talk about physical injuries, by we are expected to hide emotional ones, it’s not like we don’t all have our emotional wounds to contend with? 

I am seriously thinking about calling  my new bracelet my scar.  It represents what I have been through, but more importantly it celebrates the fact that I have healed and become stronger because of my life’s experiences.  It represents healing, courage, strength, faith, and so much more.

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Friday night I had an incredible spiritual experience.  I was praying and basking in the Light of God.   I saw / felt this bright light move through my body, starting at my feet and moving to my head.  It moved very slowly and as it moved I  felt an ever increasing joy building in me and at the same time huge weights being lifted.  I feel totally renewed now.  I believe many past emotions I have been struggling to let go of were cleaned away, I was very much ready to let go of them, but hadn’t seemed to be able to do it.  My goal now is to not allow myself to slip back into bad habits, but instead to keep this feeling of deep serenity, love, and trust, and to share that wonderful peace with others.

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I am exploring the concept of energy healing.   I feel very drawn and called to healing right now, and I have no idea what direction I am headed in, although it all feels like it fits together with the other skills that I know I have.  Energy healing in particular has become an area of great interest.  It is rather interesting though as most energy healing information seems to come from people with very different beliefs from me.  That said, I find that I do believe that energy healing is an important healing form.  I’m still figuring out what it is and how it works, but I believe it is opening oneself up to healing from God, and that the “healer” is really just a person who is there acting as a physical connection for that person.  I am very interested in learning more, I’d love to take some classes, but the only ones I have found in Idaho Falls so far seem to be very, very pricey far out of my budget.  I am most intrigued by Calyco healing, although I haven’t been able to find as much as I’d like about it, but the Calyco class is super pricey.   I believe this is an area that needs to be treated with care, and at the same time I am very excited about deliving into it.  Logically I think it would make sense for me to find an energy healer and experience what it is like, but right now, at least for the moment, I feel like that is not what God wants me to do, so I am trying to figure out what exactly He wants me to be doing in this area right now, as it is quite clear to me that He is guiding me to something in it.   I can totally trust Him to teach me the way He wants me to do it, but it would be so much easier with a regular instructor or mentor.  Plus I’m stuck wonering how on earth I will ever have anyone to try it on if I do figure out how.  He keeps reassuring me though that if I learn what I need to the people who need me will come.  The most I know at this point beyond that is that there I am developing some synergy of counseling, coaching, and healing.

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I just posted, a few moments ago, a quote from Joan Chittister about prayer.  I just finished her chapter on prayer in her book  Called to Question.  In it she discusses how once we reach a certain point in our relationship with God, prayer often does not even include words, instead it becomes a time where we focus on God, and where learn about ourselves, and how to see and act in line with what God wants.  I believe this is true, although it is certainly not the only type of prayer I believe is real prayer.  I was writing my notes on the book, and found myself expounding on what I see as 3 types of prayer (I’m sure there are others, these were just the ones that came to mind).

–  Need Focused Prayer – This is probably the type of prayer that most people think of when they think of praying.  In this type of prayer we go to God with our requests, concerns, praises, joys, and sorrows.  We go asking for helping, looking for guidance and solutions.  This prayer is generally done in a quiet setting, involves us telling God all about whatever is on our mind, and HOPEFULLY listening for his answers, wisdom, and guidance.  These are important because they give us an opportunity to gain wisdom about the concerns of our mind and heart, and to gather God’s wisdom and desires on those particular issues. 

– Communicative Prayer – This is the type of prayer that can sometimes look to outsiders like we have lost our mind.  This type of prayer is the day to day communication with God as we go about our daily life.   It is the discussion we have with God in the car on the way shopping, or as we do the dishes, it may involve something important or may just be sharing our thoughts with God or listening to those pieces of revelation we get from His Spirit as we go through the day.  This is important because it keeps us constantly attuned to God and His will for us.

– Immersive Prayer – This I believe is more the type of prayer which Joan Chittister was speaking of.  This is the type of prayer where we immerse ourselves in God.  I’ve heard it referred to as becoming “one with God”.  This type of prayer often doesn’t even involve words, and some people might not even consider it prayer at all.  In these moments, we put ourselves in a place void of distractions and commune with God.  We become immersed in His presence.  These are often the moments when we receive major, life-altering revelations and visions (although we can receive such revelations and visions at anytime, at these moments we are often more open to them).  These are also the moments when we can feel ourselves being refreshed and renewed.  Our spirits feel as if they are One with the Heavenly Father.  These prayers are deeply spiritually satisifying,  and yet afterward leave us yearning for more.  They build in us a strong desire for more and more of God.  They consume our minds, renewing in them the desire to be like God, to see as He sees, to act as He desires, to love with His love.   This type of prayer is critical above all others, and is the type of prayer that we least often make time for, and that is not often taught.  Most people I know who pray in this way learned to do so only because of the yearnings of the heart and the guidance of God, few where actually told this type of prayer was even a possibility.

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Today I had one of those monumental moments when something I have been struggling with really just clicks and I understand it not just in my mind but in my heart.

The last week I have been reading a book about being confident… something I always struggle with. The book has been wonderful, and she said something in it that really struck with me a few days ago, and I’ve just been thinking and thinking about it. I know it’s true, but it wasn’t until this morning that it really settled in me.

I don’t need to be confident in myself. Sounds crazy, huh? It isn’t though, because I can’t do anything without God, and I can do all things through God. So the confidence that I need to have is not in myself but in God. I need to be confident in God and trust in Him to guide me and show me what to do and how to do it. God will take care of it, I just need to make myself available to Him and listen to Him. As long as I do my best, He’ll do the rest.

What a relief!

I can totally do that, I have complete confidence that God is both able and willing to take care of it all. I’ve lacked the conifidence in my ability to do some things, but I do not need to have confidence in me, if I have confidence in Him, I just need to follow Him and I can be confident knowing that I am covered. Whew!

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