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Lately I can feel God more than ever directing my path, pointing me to where I need to go, showing me the book I need to read, the person to talk to, the friend to do a little something for, giving me wisdom, strength, and love.¬† I’m so thankful for Him, he heals my heart and body more each day, sometimes the speed of it all is almost overwhelming, if I stop to think of it too long, yet I know it is just right, and just what I need.


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My beautiful new bracelet arrived ūüôā¬† It’s exactly what I was looking for.¬† If you haven’t heard or read the story of my bracelet,¬† about 2 weeks ago I started looking all over for a piece of jewelry to celebrate healing.¬† I searched and searched everywhere to find just the right thing¬† would represent everything I wanted it to represent, and here it is!!¬† I am so excited.

My Healing Bracelet

My Healing Bracelet

¬†Did I say how excited I am???¬†¬† (Sorry about the lousy photo).¬† Here’s what the bracelet stands for:

–¬† The bracelet itself is in commemoration of 20 years since I first talked about my experiences as a child and 15 years since what I like to refer to as “The Great Healing”… if you’ve never heard my healing story, ask me sometime, it’s pretty cool.

– Blue – the blue is the color¬†that represents¬†child abuse awareness (their ribbon color), it is to remind me of where I have been, and what I have overcome with God’s help.

– Pearl –¬† The symbol of purity, spiritual growth, and all things beautiful inside of us.¬†¬† A reminder not to keep the beautiful things locked inside where no one can see them.¬† A pearl is beautiful, but it can not be appreciated while it is hidden in the oyster.¬† It is also the symbol of Christ.

–¬† Silver – Silver symbolized the acceptance of struggle and growth through experience.¬† It reminds me that there is something good to be taken from every situation.

– The Strength Charm – reminds me that God has given me the strength to face anything and that I am a strong person.

РThe Courage Charm  reminds me that I had the courage to face head on what most people avoid facing. 

Together the strength and courage remind me that I not only have had strength and courage in the past, but that those remain within me for any problem I might encounter.

РThe Faith charm is to remind me that faith needs to be the center of everything.  Without faith I have none of the others, but with faith, I can do anything.

– The Ribbon dangly charm at the back (isn’t that cute!)¬† reminds me that through sharing the stories of our journeys with others, we share our strength, bring awareness, and help heal both ourselves and others.


Thank you to Melinda at http://www.mpdesignsjewelry.com/ for designing the perfect bracelet and making  a minor tweak to it for me!

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I was reading Tracy’s blog¬† today and it was amazingly on so similar a topic to what I was thinking today, that I just had to post about it.¬†¬† The only problem is, I have several posts all dancing together in my head about the topic of scars.¬† They may come together here, or I may ended up doing them as seperate posts… so I hope you’ll stick with me.

First off, she had this wonderful quote:

Scars remind us where we’ve been,
but do not have to dictate where we are going.

I’ve believed this for many years, but I always love hearing other people say it.¬† Our pasts are not meant to define us.¬† At the same time, they do contribute to who we are today.¬† Every experience we have contributes to who we are, but the fact that we have a certain experience does not need to define who we are as a person, or limit us in any way.¬†¬† My experiences have made me who I am, and for the most part, I am quite happy with who that is.¬†

What is a scar?¬† To me, when I think of a scar, I think of the mark left from healing a wound.¬† A scab is¬† not a scar, it has not healed, we don’t get the scar until we have actually healed the wound.¬† There is a very important thing to remember about scars.¬† Physically, when a wound heals and a scar forms, we become stronger in that place.¬† Skin grows back tougher after a scar than before the scar.¬† Bones are stronger at the place of a healed break than in unbroken places.¬† Emotional scars are the same way.¬† If we allow God to heal our wounds, then we develop a scar, a place of healing, an area where we become stronger.

No one gets through life without wounds, and without scars.¬† It is up to us whether we allow God to heal our gaping wounds and turn them into strong scars, or whether we refuse and keep making our wounds bleed, refusing to allow them to heal.¬† I’ve done both, and let me tell you, it’s better to allow God to fix and set¬†the wound so that it can heal.¬† It may hurt worse for a short time, but then you will be better.¬† If you don’t allow him to heal it, then you will end up with a huge, gaping , stinky, pussy wound that hurts like heck and contaminates everything around it.

God wants to heal us if we will let him.¬† I know He is still healing me, in fact if you’ve read the posts I’ve made this week, you’ll know that I am working on healing again right now.¬† Still, I am constantly amazed at God’s healing power and how much He has healed me.

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Friday night I had an incredible spiritual experience.¬† I was praying and basking in the Light of God.¬†¬† I saw / felt this bright light move through my body, starting at my feet and moving to my head.¬† It moved very slowly and as it moved I¬† felt an ever increasing joy building in me and at the same time huge weights being lifted.¬† I feel totally renewed now.¬† I believe many past emotions I have been struggling to let go of were cleaned away, I was very much ready to let go of them, but hadn’t seemed to be able to do it.¬† My goal now is to not allow myself to slip back into bad habits, but instead to keep this feeling of deep serenity, love, and trust, and to share that wonderful peace with others.

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An Amish Christmas

An Amish Christmas: A Choice to Forgive/A Miracle for Miriam/One Child is a compilation of 3 romance stories centering around a single Christmas in an Amish community.   Because they all involve the same community, the 3 stories reference many of the same characters.

A Miracle for Miriam is a beautiful story of a young woman named Miriam.  As a young teen, Miriam had her heart broken by the boy who she had held a long standing crush for.  When he suddenlly appears years later, she must decide what her relationship with him is to become.    Although this is a theme that is seen in many stories, the author does a superb job of handling it.  The emotions of both Miriam and Seth run strong throughout the story, as Miriam deals with years of self-doubt and Seth comes to grips with his past decisions.  The reader can not help but be pulled in to the torrent of emotions on both sides.

¬†In A Choice to Forgive Miriam’s widowed sister Lydia is also faced with a decision of whether to forgive a past love.¬† To add to her troubles though, the past love is her deceased husband’s brother!¬† The story primarily features the tugs and pulls of Lydia’s heart as she strives to make sense of her relationships with her deceased husband, her brother, and her children.

The third story, One Child, has a very different theme from the other two.  In this story, the couple we are following are married, and are facing the anniversary of a heart wrenching miscarriage.  Another couple unexpectedly comes into their lives on the night of First Christmas, a relationship that causes profound and no doubt lasting changes in the way both couples look at life.

When I first saw the book, the title piqued my curiosity.¬† Amish romance stories…. not really the first thing that would come to mind when one thinks of the Amish.¬† I adore a good love story though, and hate romance novels because they rarely about love, and generally much more about lust.¬† I hoped that this book would avoid that trapping, and it did not let me down.¬† The love stories were heartwarming, realistic, and beautiful, and left me truly caring about the characters in them.¬†¬†¬†

While that would certainly have been enough, there was more!¬† The faith of the men and women in these stories was inspiring.¬† I feel a better person for having “known” them.¬†

The journeys of the characters as they learn to better relate to one another, to forgive one another, come to peace with God, and love one another is touching and beautiful. 

A few other notes:

While I would generally avoid romance stories for teens, this is one I personally would not hesitate to share with a teenager.  It is a great example of couples working together, learning to communicate, and trusting God to direct their paths.

Disclaimer РI was provided a free copy of this book for review purposes.  The review is my personal opinion, and the free book did not alter my views on the story in any way.

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Today I had one of those monumental moments when something I have been struggling with really just clicks and I understand it not just in my mind but in my heart.

The last week I have been reading a book about being confident… something I always struggle with. The book has been wonderful, and she said something in it that really struck with me a few days ago, and I’ve just been thinking and thinking about it. I know it’s true, but it wasn’t until this morning that it really settled in me.

I don’t need to be confident in myself. Sounds crazy, huh? It isn’t though, because I can’t do anything without God, and I can do all things through God. So the confidence that I need to have is not in myself but in God. I need to be confident in God and trust in Him to guide me and show me what to do and how to do it. God will take care of it, I just need to make myself available to Him and listen to Him. As long as I do my best, He’ll do the rest.

What a relief!

I can totally do that, I have complete confidence that God is both able and willing to take care of it all. I’ve lacked the conifidence in my ability to do some things, but I do not need to have confidence in me, if I have confidence in Him, I just need to follow Him and I can be confident knowing that I am covered. Whew!

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This really touched my soul when I saw it.

I trust God most of the time, but sometimes I find myself grabbing things that I say I’m trusting him with back to me so that I can worry about them. I am trying very hard to stop this and allow God to handle it.

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